Going Green – what it Means?

“Going green” means to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

We are proactive with recycling waste


How long does it take to breakdown?

Product Breakdown Product Breakdown
Paper Towel 2-4 weeks Cigarette Butt 10-12 years
Banana Peel 3-4 weeks Leather Shoe 25-40 years
Paper Bag 1 month Tinned Steel Can 50 years
Newspaper 1.5 months Foamed Plastic Cup 50 years
Apple Core 2 months Rubber Boot Sole 50-80 years
Cardboard 2 months Plastic Container 50-80 years
Cotton Glove 3 months Aluminum Can 200-500 years
Orange Peels 6 months Plastic Bottle 450 years
Plywood 1-3 years Disposable Diaper 550 years
Milk Carton 5 years Plastic Bag 200-1000 years